Sneak Peak coming soon!

Good Evening my Lovelies! So sorry for the silence as late! Working on several things at once has kept be busy and delayed me in keeping the blog up to date! Working on getting things more regular and some sneak peaks from the chapters of my book for you all to try! Will it be […]

An Honourable Judge

An Honourable Judge of high standing….An Escort…..desires and sexual fantasies….learn more about this high profile figure in my book “Revelations”…its so obvious its begging to be worked out! More to come soon!

Few Days Silence!

Good Evening my Lovelies! So sorry for the silence these last few nights! is still alive and kicking! Check out my book on Waterstones and Amazon! More news will be cumming soon about my upcoming projects and maybe a few teasing stories! only time will tell! Reviews of the book would be amazing if […]

More Visitors!

More and More visitors are coming to the site daily! I Hope everyone has chance to read “Revelations”! If you want to ask me about anything in the book or if there is more to come then please do! I will try reply to everyone!