About Robina Jax

Robina Jax, best known as the Author of “Revelations – The Memoirs  of Cheshire Escort” a book exploring the secret underworld of the escort industry detailing the true extent of debauchery and orgies in which she participated to satisfy both me and occasionally women.

Robina was an escort in the industry for 20 years and in that time lived a complicated double life balancing the requirements of a loving wife and caring for her children by day whilst by night engaging in a the secret life of an escort.

Starting out as a young women engaging in her trade for fun, engaging with people from all walks of life from the common working man to the upper echelons of government, her life eventually took a darker turn with involving drugs, alcohol and sex.

We invite you to explore the world of escorting with Robina as your guide through her book “Revelations – The Memories of Cheshire Escort“.